about weiqi team

Is it possible that some players organize into a team, to defeat a much stronger player?

Of course! If every team member show their team spirit, help each other to play his best move, the team much be a lot stronger than every team member. Imagine that every move is the decision of a whole team? You must be able to defeat the player much stronger than you before.

In 1933, Wu QingYuan, the master of Go, was defeated by the team of "Honinbo". And the 160th move, which is famous as "the move of God", was find out by a Go player, who was 4 Dan only at the time. This player never had a chance to defeat Wu QingYuan by herself in his whole live, but he did defeat Wu QingYuan in the team! address>>

And we find that the team mode means much more to a player. He can play with a friend now, not in opponent, but in a same team. And, he now can learn how his friends through in a real game, which will help he to make progress in Go.

Especially in here, wuzheng.org! Their are no time limit here, which is so perfect for team discussing and playing.Now we represent the "TEAM mode", allowing we play Go in a team.I want to create a team>>

Read these notes carefully before you start the Team mode:

ask:what is a Go team?
answer: Go team is organized by some players, it can player game with other players, just like a common player. The team has his owe home page, and game record. When the team name is displaying in a game, their will be a red "G" following the name, to tell the other player that he is a team.
ask: How a team play games?
answer: Every team member is able to compose a game invitation to any other players. Of course, the other players is able to invite the team for a game, too.Every member in the team is able to play moves in the board. When it's the turn for a team to play a move, their will be a notify to every member in the team.Their is an "team discussion" room in every game page. The discussion in the room is only visitable to the team member.
ask: How to create a team?
answer: Every player of wuzheng.org is able to create teams. When you create one, you can send the address to your friends, inviting them to join it.The create is the manager of the team, he is able to modify the information of the team, and to add and remove team members.
ask: How to join a team?
answer: Go to the homepage of the team, click the "join the team" button and wait for the manager to let you in.