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  • moth63
    When I think here people complain about not having enough money to live! The French people should be more humble.
    delete2013-4-7 16:32 reply
  • ycsnester
    you can see the huge distance between salary and house price. 
    2200euros VS 6000RMB, 2000-3000euros VS 20000RMB.
    delete2013-4-7 16:23 reply
  • ycsnester
    oh..I see.
    delete2013-4-7 16:21 reply
  • moth63
    Sorry my misclick. 
    The average price is between 2000 and 3000 euros square meter but not in Paris : 8000 euros!
    delete2013-4-7 16:20 reply
  • ycsnester
    Here is 20000RMB/square-meter in average.
    delete2013-4-7 16:10 reply
  • moth63
    Depending on the city but you can have some idea here : www.logic-immo.com
    delete2013-4-7 16:05 reply
  • ycsnester
    near 16000RMB which is three times as mine..
    how about the house price.
    delete2013-4-7 15:23 reply
  • moth63
    The average salary is 2200 euros which is very good!
    delete2013-4-7 15:17 reply
  • ycsnester
    How about the salary?What is
    the average level, and how many francs can the worker take?
    delete2013-4-7 08:47 reply
  • moth63
    You are good ^_^!
    Difficult to say which companies are good or not. There are lot of crisis in France : socially, financially. It´s not so easy to earn something.
    delete2013-4-6 18:39 reply
  • ycsnester
    delete2013-4-5 08:44 reply
  • ycsnester
    can't iamage...here 8hours/day means standard. 
    Can you list some famous/good IT companies of France?
    delete2013-3-25 22:05 reply
  • moth63
    Indeed... In France nobody can work more than 35 hrs per week unless to be paid for. I'm so sorry for you and all chinese people T_T
    delete2013-3-25 20:46 reply
  • ycsnester
    well,seems quiet different in china。
    60hours/week or worse。
    delete2013-3-25 10:00 reply
  • moth63
    IT industry in France is healthy. We can not complain to have lot of work ^^
    delete2013-3-25 05:09 reply
  • ycsnester
    I know little about IT industry of Ffrance. so how is it?
    delete2013-2-23 08:45 reply
  • moth63
    Hi! You too ^^
    delete2013-2-16 17:19 reply
  • ycsnester
    Hi. happy new year!
    delete2013-2-16 10:22 reply

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