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  • ccc10k
    nice game
    delete2017-8-4 13:07 reply
  • [ressigned] zazen5 ressigned
    (8-4 13:06,RESIGN)
  • zazen5
    I play/study go and chess because it helps deal w/bs.  Modern society is much like being in prison.  The individual holds zero power.  The key is learning to play the game in negotiations and persuasion of people.  This Wei chi and chess are both valuable tools on stress management and basic survival at the subconscious level in the modern day rat race, so yes I play and study hours each day.
    delete2014-7-28 13:03 reply
  • ccc10k
    Seems you like this game very much
    delete2014-7-28 11:21 reply
  • zazen5
    I went Calgary go club 2007 then for several months, but after much posturing at this club and lack of intense teaching, I quit.  Study of problems and games is how I learn because no one other than the autistic players at Calgary go club knows what to do or is willing to spend time solving problems
    delete2014-7-28 11:01 reply
  • ccc10k
    Where did you learn? In USA or Canada?
    delete2014-7-25 03:33 reply
  • ccc10k
    I mean Wei-Chi
    delete2014-7-25 03:32 reply
  • ccc10k
    Why you can play go?
    delete2014-7-25 03:32 reply
  • ccc10k
    Are you Asian?
    delete2014-7-25 03:31 reply
  • zazen5
    The wei chi players are very strong on this site.  Some moves are incomprehensible and the review feature of this site and no time limits allows for lengthy games with time to find the best move.
    delete2014-7-25 03:29 reply
  • zazen5
    I have not lived in USA since 2003 when I left.
    delete2014-7-25 03:28 reply
  • ccc10k
    Hello, how are you?
    delete2014-7-25 03:22 reply
  • zazen5
    Hello from Calgary Alberta
    delete2014-7-25 03:19 reply
  • ccc10k
    delete2014-7-25 03:18 reply

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