ask:I don’t receive the account-activation email after registering with WuZheng. What am I supposed to do?
answer You may enable the automatic account-activation, by sending an email entitled “activation” to nostrive@nostrivemail.appspotmail.com. Then, WuZheng Weiqi system will automatically activate your account.
ask: What do I do with escapers, so long as there is no time limit on WuZheng Weiqi?
answer (An escaper is somebody who leaves a game when they are losing.)There is no ranking on WuZheng Weiqi (NSG), therefore, escaping from a game does not bring any benefit. At the moment, it is very rare to witness game escaping on NSG. In the case that you are seriously concerned by game escaping, please check the game record of an unfamiliar player, prior to starting a game with him/her. If you discern anything suspicious, avoid playing the game with the player in question.
ask: What is the game score rule used on WuZheng Weiqi?
answer The game score rule on NSG follows the Japanese rule with a komi of 5.5 points given to white. WuZheng Weiqi use a GNU GO-based automatic game scoring system to facilitates game scoring. Nevertheless, the automatic game scoring system may miscalculate under complex circumstances. For these difficult situations, you may need to remove all dead stones, before using the system.
ask: Is it allowed to undo a move on WuZheng Weiqi?
answer It is allowed to undo a move on WuZheng Weiqi, and the rule concerning undoing is as follows: 1. You may issue an undo request, and it is only your opponent who has the right to grant the request. 2. Every undone move, together with the requests, is recorded permanently and displayed on the game webpage. 3. Undoing e.g. a mouse slipping is a friendly feature. Nevertheless, please do not abuse this feature.
ask: How do I find players at my level, given that there is no official ranking on WuZheng Weiqi?
answer All games played on WuZheng Weiqi are permanently recorded and made publically accessible. You may scrutinize a player’s game record to estimate his/her level. Alternatively, many NSG players have indicated their rank on their NSG homepage. You may find opponents at your level by browsing their NSG homepages. It is recommended you also indicate your genuine rank on your NSG homepage.
ask: immediate ko-recapturing is not prohibited on WuZheng Weiqi? ??
answer Yes, this is due to an existing bug in WuZheng Weiqi program scripts. At the moment, we are busy in developing main features of NSG, and have no time to fix the bug (please let us know if you volunteer to fix the script). We are sorry for the inconveniences. In a formal competitive Go game, immediate recapturing of a ko-fight stone results in a losing of the game on forfeit. However, game-playing on WuZheng Weiqi is less competitive -- if your opponent makes such a move, the NSG etiquette is to remind your opponent and then undo the move.
ask:Why there is no response from the invitee, after I clicking the "invite to play" button?
answer The current version of WuZheng Weiqi (NSG) is unable to automatically display your invitation on the invitee's webpage. You have to wait until the page has been manually refreshed by the invitee. Note: As an inviter, you are expected to play Black and should make the first move. Otherwise, the invitee cannot make any moves.
ask:How to start?
answer If you want to start a game with a player, just click on the player's name then the player's NSG homepage will be opened. On the right side of the page, there is an “invite to play” button. Click the button, a new game page will be opened. You should make the first move on the board and wait for your opponent's response. Note that your opponent may choose to decline your invitation and cancel the game.